How to enroll your child?

No. We are strictly a daycare.
Yes. We have all the required licenses to operate a Daycare within Nairobi County.
We are open from 6am (Mon to Sat). We are closed on Sundays and Public Holidays
As we are not a school, you may bring your child in at your convenience.
You may pick your child at your convenience. We however recommend that you let your child nap if you’re late to pick them and nap-time has already began.
We engage the children in loads of fun toddler craft activities, song and dance, etc
Not really. We try to ensure that all the children are part of every activity. Due to their young age, we will of course engage them to their capacity.
6 months old to 3 years old.
Yes. When your child is ready, we will potty train them.
Children are smart and they feed off their parents emotions. If you are anxious, they will pick up on this and become anxious and agitated. During the first days at the Daycare, we encourage parents to display confidence when dropping their children so that they are less anxious when their parents leave. We also encourage parents not to sneak away when they drop off their children but to ‘say bye’ so their child is fully aware that mummy/daddy will be back later to collect me.


Yes. For your convenience, we have a daily, weekly and monthly rate
Yes, transport is available at various rates depending on the distance.
Yes. We engaged a Dietitian to help us come up with a simple, healthy and balanced menu that the children absolutely love.
Yes. If your child is currently feeding themselves, we encourage them to continue doing so. If however they aren’t, and they are older, we guide them on how to feed themselves. If however they are much younger, we feed them.
We use the time-out method. We also ensure that the parents are aware of any disciplinary issues they should be aware of.
The staff have all been First Aid trained by Gertrudes Childrens Hospital. In addition we have AMREF Flying Doctors on standby in case we require their Ambulance Services.
For every 5 children, we have one caregiver.
Not at the moment. We are working on plans to expand to other areas.
We recommend a visit to the Daycare at which point we will guide you through the registration process. Better still, come with your child so you can know right off from their reaction if the Daycare would be a good fit for them.

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