We are here for you

We understand the needs of busy parents. We have gone through great lengths to ensure that the environment is comfortable enough to allow parents to go to work knowing their children are in a wonderful and safe placet where they can have fun, develop and be inspired.


We do our best to ensure that our meals are well prepared and balanced. Our menu is compiled by Alice Ojwang of Xenihealth, who is one of the leading Nutrition and Dietetic consultants in Kenya.

Active Daily Schedule

Lots of outdoor play, arts and crafts that teaches the children how to interact with each other. We also teach them and encourage them to feed themselves.

Strict health policy

Due to their weak (still developing) immune system, we follow a very strict health policy. We are proud to say that we have been inspected and approved by the Nairobi County Council(NCC) Health department and all our staff undergo a mandatory 6-month health check up required by NCC.

Saftey Measures

All our staff are trained in First Aid by a facilitator provided by Gertrudes Childrens home. Refresher courses for all the staff are made every 6 months. All children in the daycare are covered by AMREF Flying Doctors. In case of an emergency either at the Daycare or outside the Daycare AMREF will be at hand to make an emergency rescue.

Convenient Hours of Operation

We are open Mon to Sat from 6am to 6pm. This makes it easy and convenient for parents who need to drop off their kids really early and collect them later in the evening.

Transport Services

Within selected zones. 6.00am might be too early for some children so, we dont mind picking them up. We provide daily transport in vehicles fitted with car seats. Feel free to contact our help desk for more on this service.

Adequate Facilities

We ensure that every child is accommodated well; as though they were at home. The dining and activity area is big enough to accommodate our 30 kids capacity. Every child sleeps on their own bed/cot. Beddings are changed and cleaned on a daily basis.

Outdoor Play Area

We are located in a residential area giving it that homely environment. The children have access to the front and back play areas of the Daycare which are spacious enough to enjoy a bike ride.